Fear VS Disruption: the illuminating bridge for trust industrialisation mass adoption.

By Cometoland Productions



About The Docuseries.

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Bring the vision and discussion of thousands of decentralized repositories to the big screen.

Going through banking, identity, and assets to share how Blockchain industrializes trust versus the incumbents that are still “trust artisans” and will be disrupted.

The first season includes ten initial chapters (episodes), with each focused on a different particular Blockchain use case. It features some of the most known faces within the space, including Adam Back, Vinny Lingham, and Alexis Yellow among many others.


#3 Coming soon



Business Everyday life applications: Tourism (travel agency) and Real Estate

#4 Coming soon



Social Blockchain /  CommunityMining – Proof of Work  / Other ways of mining

#5 Coming soon



Finance Retail banking / Wealth Management / Wallets and cashiers / Massive adoption

#6 Coming soon



Business Project financing & Administration / Supply chain / Traceability – Proof of Stake

#7 Coming soon



Social Identity management – Proof of existence / CBDC / Public Adm / Service wallets

#8 Coming soon



Finance Treasury functions: personal, banking, companies and public administration

#9 Coming soon



Business ¿To be or not to be Blockchain? Legal and other Services / Pros & Cons

#10 Coming soon



Social Laws & Regulation / Blockchain ISO / Online voting / Massive adoption

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